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NassPay Multi-purpose Prepaid Card

The be-all, end-all multipurpose NassPay card is an ideal solution for anyone who wants an easier way to pay, save, and manage their money without the need for a bank account. It is your access to financial services, without the hassle.


Getting a NassPay card is easy. Just take ONE valid ID to the nearest NassPay branch or authorised agent to get your ready to use contactless card.


Use it to make purchases at millions of merchants at home, around the globe and online including bill payments and subscriptions. You can even have your salary or government benefits paid into your card or receive money from family and friends wherever you are.


Unlike cash if your card is lost or stolen, your money can be recovered. Also, with our instant transaction alert, you know what happens, when it happens so if you see something you don’t recognise you can instantly block your card from your online account and report it to our Customer Service Representatives 24 hours a day.


Enjoy multiple discounts and earn reward points on every purchase
Track your transactions and monitor your spending with an online account.

NassPay gives you access to financial services with prepaid cards that let you manage, spend and save your money, your way, wherever you go.

Branches and Authorised agents across Iraq
Merchants accepted globally
ATMs accepted worldwide

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